Generate Script SQLServer with varchar field only #390

opereiraricardo opened this Issue Jul 8, 2016 · 1 comment


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When creating a currency field, and generate a script sqlserver instead of the field is money or decimal is being generated the script as varchar.

benkeen commented Jul 9, 2016

Hey @opereiraricardo, yes this is intentional but I can see how it wouldn't always be ideal. Since the Currency data type allows things like the custom prefix/suffix ($, etc), a varchar was the only format that would work in all cases. If the user omitted the suffic/prefix, technically we could output a float in that case, but I didn't want to just mysteriously flip to a float behind the scenes.

Perhaps a new option should be added to let you choose the output type... but the field's options are a bit bloated as is. Hmm! Tricky one.

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