Problem generating dataset over 30000 rows #396

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I'm fairly new to this so please pardon me if this is a stupid question.

I have loaded this on an AWS instance for a proof of concept that I'm trying to do and I need a huge fake dataset. I installed this on a t2.large instance on AWS EC2 and installed everything properly (LAMP all configured and got this running)

however I can't generate anything more than 30000 lines of data it seems, now I checked the settings.php and it is not explicitly listed (I changed it to 1mil just in case) and I added the timeout to 10 minutes, but when generating the file it will just throw an HTTP Error 500 after about 10 seconds if I hit anything over 30k rows.

Seems to me there is another timeout setting that I'm not aware of, any suggestion on how to get me moving?

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