A Polymer component for adding dynamic, country-region dropdowns to your forms.
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Note: please don't use this element yet. There's a problem where elements in a shadow DOM don't submit along with
the form submission, so it can't be used without additional JS.

This a Polymer component for adding country-region dropdowns to your forms. The component automatically updates the region dropdown with whatever values are appropriate, based on the selection in the country dropdown.

To make the component as independent as possible from your markup, you can choose to either let the component create the region dropdown automatically (default), or target your own <select> field. The benefit to the latter is that you have full control over exactly where the region field is placed in your markup. The default behavior is to just create the country and region dropdowns next to one another.


Check out http://benkeen.github.io/polymer-country-region-selector/. That contains a bunch of examples of how to configure the component as you want.


Here's the list of configurable settings and their default values. Pretty much every is customizable - if you come across something that isn't, let me know!

	countryEmptyLabel="Select Country"
	regionEmptyLabel="Select Region"
	regionDropdownName="region" />
  • countryEmptyLabel - (default "Select Country"). This is the default label for the country dropdown.
  • countryValue - this lets you specify the default selected country when the page loads.
  • countryUseShortcode - this determines the value attributes of the select box. By default, the values are the same as the label - the full country name. If you set this to true, it uses the ISO 3166 2-character short code of the country.
  • countryDropdownName - this governs the name attribute of the country dropdown.
  • targetRegionDropdownId - (default blank). This setting lets you choose to target your own region <select> field in your markup. If it's set, the component won't create its own region dropdown but modify your own field instead. It should be the ID of the element.
  • regionEmptyLabel - (default "Select Region"). This is used for the default value in the region dropdown, once the user selects a particular country.
  • regionBlankOption - (default "-"). This is what appears in the region dropdown prior to the user selecting a country. It's the only option in the region dropdown at that point.
  • regionValue - this lets you define the default value of the region on page load. Note: you MUST also have the countryValue to have been set as well, and the regionValue must belong to the selected country.
  • regionDropdownName - (default "region"). The name attribute of the region field.




  • 0.1.6- Apr 10, 2015. Updated Russian regions.
  • 0.1.3- Feb 10, 2015. Updated Ukraine regions.
  • 0.1.1 June 22, minor update for Bower
  • 0.1.0 May 26, initial version.