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This example creates a state machine that sends you an email requesting you to approve or reject a task, and then another email confirming the result.


# set these
STACK_NAME=SfnCallbackUrls # the deployed sfn-callback-urls stack
EXAMPLE_STACK_NAME=SfnCallbackUrlsExample # the name you want the example stack deployed as

FUNC=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name $STACK_NAME --query "Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey=='Function'].OutputValue" --output text)

aws cloudformation deploy --template-file template.yaml --stack-name $EXAMPLE_STACK_NAME --parameter-overrides Email=$EMAIL CreateUrlsFunction=$FUNC --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

# Go to your email and confirm the SNS subscription

STATE_MACHINE=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name $EXAMPLE_STACK_NAME --query "Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey=='StateMachine'].OutputValue" --output text)

aws step-functions start-execution --state-machine-arn $STATE_MACHINE --input "{\"name\": \"$NAME\"}"
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