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Lint and code-munging tools for Khan Academy codebase
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This repository contains linting tools for Khan Academy's codebase.

Most of the JavaScript linting code is based on Google's freely available and open-source Closure Linter:

It has been modified to suit Khan Academy's slightly different style guides and wrapper scripts have been created to be used as pre-commit hooks for Mercurial.


First, install dependent packages via the requirements.txt file

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you can automatically invoke lints on modified or added files in Mercurial.
Add to .hgrc to use:

pretxncommit.lint = /path/to/khan-linter/

If the project has a lint-blacklist.txt in the top level directory of the project, files listed there will be ignored in the linting process. This can be useful for legacy files.

If a forced commit is required, set the environment variable  FORCE_COMMIT to 1 prior to calling 'hg commit' (there doesn't  seem to be a way to pass args to a pretxncommit script otherwise)

If you would like to lint manually, invoke You can try to also use to automatically fix some style violations.
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