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BBCRadioProxy is a simple Javascript HTTP mini-server designed work around the tokenised URLs for BBC's web streams of their radio stations, for use with MPD.

The server provides a proxied facade URI for existing streams and:

  • Extracts the tokenised URI from the pls file provided by the BBC
  • Returns with an HTTP 302 redirect to the tokenised URI

Run the server with NodeJS:

$ node BBCRadioProxy [ port number to listen to [ ip to listen on] ] 

By default, the proxy listens on all interfaces on port 8000.

Update your BBC radio playlists to point at http://[your mpd server's ip]/[stationname].

So, for example, my entry for Radio 1 looks like this:

#EXTINF:-1, BBC - BBC Radio 1

Right now, the proxy knows about:

Station Proxy path
BBC Radio 1 /r1
BBC Radio 2 /r2
BBC Radio 3 /r3
BBC Radio 4 /r4
BBC Radio 5Live /r5
BBC Radio 5Live Sports Extra /r5se
BBC Radio 6Music /r6
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