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What is StropheCappuccino ?

StropheCappuccino is a set of classes uses to bind the pure Javascript Strophe Library. This allows to use realtime XMPP in Cappuccino web application. This Library is used by Archipel Project. This library is released under LGPL license. Feel free to use it or improve it.


To build StropheCappuccino you can type

# jake debug ; jake release

This will build Strophe from source also. You must first initialise the Strophe.js submodule:

# git submodule init

The release build will not minify strophe.js. To do this, you must run Resources/Strophe/strophe.js through YUI Compressor after building StropheCappuccino.

Quick Start

Simply include the StropheCappuccino framework in your Frameworks directory and include StropheCappuccino.js

@import <StropheCappuccino/StropheCappuccino.j>


To generate the documentation execute the following :

# jake docs

Help / Suggestion

You can reach us at irc://