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Calling -from on something that isn't a Stanza is stupid

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1 parent 38b4676 commit d94cbe16f568aff8118958e172b9e81628df9457 @benlangfeld committed Jan 15, 2011
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4 TNStropheRoster.j
@@ -125,14 +125,14 @@
theJID = [TNStropheJID stropheJIDWithString:[item valueForAttribute:@"jid"]],
subscription = [item valueForAttribute:@"subscription"],
allowedSubs = [CPArray arrayWithObjects:@"none", @"to", @"from", @"both", @"remove"],
- response = [TNStropheStanza iqTo:[item from] withAttributes:{@"id": [item id], @"type": @"result"}],
+ response = [TNStropheStanza iqTo:[aStanza from] withAttributes:{@"id": [aStanza id], @"type": @"result"}],
/*! A receiving client MUST ignore the stanza unless it has no 'from' attribute (i.e., implicitly from the
bare JID of the user's account) or it has a 'from' attribute whose value matches the user's bare
JID <user@domainpart>.
- if ([item from] && [item from] != [[_connection JID] bare])
+ if ([aStanza from] && [aStanza from] != [[_connection JID] bare])
/*! TODO: Should only send this if the stuff below has actually been successful

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