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== 2.1 2009-10-18
* New options
* -R to require additional files before loading the models
* -i to show database indexes in annotations
* -e to exclude annotating tests or fixtures
* -m to include the migration version number in the annotation
* --model-dir to annotate model files stored a different place than app/models
* Ignore unknown macros ('acts_as_whatever')
== 2.0 2009-02-03
* Add annotate_models plugin fork additions
* Annotates Rspec and Test Unit models
* Annotates Object Daddy exemplars
* Annotates geometrical columns
* Add AnnotateRoutes rake task
* Up gem structure to newgem defaults
== 1.0.4 2008-09-04
* Only update modified models since last run, thanks to sant0sk1
== 1.0.3 2008-05-02
* Add misc changes from Dustin Sallings and Henrik N
* Remove trailing whitespace
* More intuitive info messages
* Update README file with update-to-date example
== 1.0.2 2008-03-22
* Add contributions from Michael Bumann (
* added an option "position" to choose to put the annotation,
* spec/fixtures now also get annotated
* added a task to remove the annotations
* these options can be specified from command line as -d and -p [before|after]