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Collection of scripts to build Qt application in command line environment
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This project collects a set of script for building Qt application for Android/iOS in command line environment.

Build Status

Check .travis.yml to see how it works. It will demonstrate how to build an apk file using QT-CI scripts.


Since this project is a collection of scripts, and the script in the bin folder does not have any dependence on each other. It is not necessary to clone/download the whole repository into your build environment. You may simply copy the script you need from this repository.


To automatically install Qt, you can just download 2 scripts and grant them permission for execution.

"recipes/install-qt" "bin/extract-qt-installer"

Then just run script "recipes/install-qt" with the desired version of Qt Example:

bash install-qt 5.9.4

Enviroument variables

QT_CI_PACKAGES - packages to install. You can check available packages if set VERBOSE to 1.


export VERBOSE=1
export QT_CI_PACKAGES=qt,qt.594,qt.594.gcc_64,qt.594.doc.qtvirtualkeyboard


git clone

source qtci/path.env #Add qtci/bin and qtci/recipes to $PATH


(1) bin/extract-qt-installer


    extract-qt-installer [--disable-progress-report] qt-installer output_path
    extract-qt-installer --list-packages qt-installer

Extract Qt from the installer to the target path (for Qt 5.5 or above). If --list-packages is given, it will show the available packages from the installer and terminate immediately.


extract-qt-installer ~/Qt

Remarks: The installation path must be absolute path

Environment Variables

VERBOSE [Optional] Set to "true" will enable VERBOSE output
QT_CI_PACKAGES [Optional] Select the components to be installed instead of using default (eg. QT_CI_PACKAGES="qt.59.gcc_64")
QT_CI_LOGIN [Optional] The login name 
QT_CI_PASSWORD [Optional] The password of login

The arguments and environment required could be different due to the installer changes. Check the recipes folder or the wiki of known issues to find out the correct setting.

(2) bin/extract-ifw

Extract installer of "Qt installer framework" to the target path


extract-ifw ~/QtIfw

(3) bin/install-android-sdk

Download and install Android SDK


install-android-sdk platform-tool,build-tools-20.0.0,android-19

(4) bin/build-android-gradle-project

Build a Qt Android project and sign the APK



Required Environment Variables

QT_HOME [Required] The home directory of installed Qt. (e.g., ~/Qt/5.7)
KEYSTORE [Optional] The location of keystore. If it is set, it will be used to sign the created apk
KEYALIAS [Optional] The alias of the keystore
KEYPASS  [Optional] The password of keystore.
    ANDROID_TARGET_SDK_VERSION [Optional] Target Android SDK version. The default value is "19"

(5) bin/increase-android-version-code


increase-android-version-code AndroidManifest.xml

Given an AndroidManifest.xml file, it will increase the value of the versionCode field by one.

(6) bin/run-unittests



Build and run a unit test project in the current folder. If qpm.json were found, it would call qpm install first.


In the folder "recipes", it contains a set of script that could download and install specific Qt toolchains for a different environment. (Include Android)

Please feel free to modify and submit a new recipe.


apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk p7zip

source path.env #Add $PWD/bin and $PWD/recipes to $PATH

#Change to the installation path

qt-5.5.1-android-19 # Install Qt 5.5.1 and Android SDK

source qt-5.5.1-android-19.env # Add installed Qt path to $PATH


  1. Continuous distribution for Qt applications on desktop and mobile
  2. Andrew's Articles - Continuous deployment for Qt applications

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