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πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ”‹ AppDaemon entity check app. Currently supports battery level & unknown/unavailable states - for AppDaemon 3.x
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EnCh - Entity Checker | AppDaemon 3.x Edition

EnCh is an AppDaemon app which checks the battery_level and/or state (unknown or unavailable currently) of Home Assistant entities and sends a notification if desired.

IF YOU RUN APPDAEMON >=4.x (also Betas/dev Branch) CONSIDER USING THE MUCH FASTER ad-ench!


Use HACS or download the enchad3 directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the enchad3 module.

App configuration

Here's an exemplary configuration for this app (to be added to AppDaemon's configuration file, typically apps.yaml). Adjust the values as you wish.

  module: enchad3
  class: EnChAD3
  notify: "notify.mobile_app"
  show_friendly_name: False
    - sensor.out_of_order
    - binary_sensor.always_unavailable
    interval_min: 180
    min_level: 20
    interval_min: 60


key optional type default description
module False string ench The module name of the app.
class False string EnCh The name of the python class.
notify True string The Home Assistant service used for notification
initial_delay_secs True int 120 Time to wait before first checks. This grace-period is necessary to give slow devices and integrations in Home Assistant a chance to become "available".
exclude True list Excluded entities. Supports wildcard/patterns via fnmatch
battery True map Set to enable low battery check
unavailable True map Set to enable unavailable state check

Battery configuration

key optional type default description
min_level True integer 20 Minimum battery level a entity should have
interval_min True integer 180 Minutes between checks

Unavailable/unknown state configuration

key optional type default description
interval_min True integer 60 Minutes between checks
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