Bulk convert ugly old ERB files in your project into modern HAML, delete converted files optionally, etc
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Bulk convert ugly old ERB files in your rails app into new sleek HAML. You may even delete just converted files optionally.

~$ ruby erb2haml.rb -h
Usage: erb2haml.rb [options] [path1, path2, ...]
pathN - path to directory, if no paths are present pwd where the script is called from is used

Example path_to/erb2haml.rb -fevg file1 file2 Example path_to/erb2haml.rb -fg Example path_to/erb2haml.rb -g path1 path2 -f, --force Force delete source ERB files after being converted -v, --verbose Verbose output -g, --git_delete Assumes you're working in a git repo and performs git rm instead of system rm -e, --files operates on single files instead of whole paths

NOTE: when not using the -e flag (files mode) this script lookings for ERB-files recursively, if you define path(s) all ERB files found by that will be converted.

Author: Alexander Kaupanin kaupanin@gmail.com Mods by: Benjamin Lieb http://pixelearth.net