Django CMS Plugin for Photologue
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This is a Django CMS plugin for incorporating photologue galleries.


First, you must install Django CMS and photologue which require Django and a few other libraries such as PIL. For full details, see the installation instructions for those packages.

Install cmsplugin-phlog to your environment with a tool such as PIP, setuptools, or buildout.

Add cmsplugin_phlog to the INSTALLED_APPS list in your project's and run the syncdb command on your

What's Inside

In order to facilitate ordering of the galleries on display, there is a new photologue gallery with ordering support called OrderedGallery. This model can be linked using a CMS plugin to display photos on your page.

The default rendering of the gallery plugin is an unordered list of images. This can be overridden by placing a template in your project's template folder at cms/plugins/phlog/gallery.html to override all rendering or at cms/plugins/phloge/{{ placeholder }}-gallery.html to override the template for a single placeholder (by name).