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Flash Multi v0.6.1

@benlye benlye released this
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New Bootloader

Flash Multi v0.5.0 introduced a new bootloader which changes the way the USB port works on certain MULTI-Modules.

Action is required - please read this page for more information.

USB drivers

  • If you are updating from Flash Multi 0.2.x you will need to update the device drivers for the DFU bootloader.
  • If you are downloading and running Flash Multi for the first time you will need to install the MULTI-Module drivers.

In both cases, click the Advanced menu then Actions -> Install USB Drivers. If you are upgrading, make sure you have a MULTI-Module plugged in.

Changes since 0.6.0


  • [Windows] Fix a bug in the maximum firmware file size detection for STM32 modules
  • [Windows] Free resources if exceptions occur

Special thanks to @wucke13 for helping to improve the Linux scripts :-)


Note: A Windows installer is no longer provided. See #16.

  • - Standalone / portable Windows version
    Checksum (SHA256): 173B054BD3232CAB3F5E75C37E3610EB1ACF39C03525342AE597577D126BC2EA

  • flash-multi-0.6.0.tar.gz - Linux archive package
    Checksum (SHA256): 2C24EF3E937EC8EF7E9365E06D1E4EF04C359CACC2C23825F17D8AA3D2B9DC8B