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Template Bundle

By D'Ali Ben Macha

Symfony bundle to generate template with a nice design in your Symfony application.

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The easiest way to install and configure the TemplateBundle with Symfony is by using Composer: Add the benmacha/templatebundle package to your require section in the composer.json file.

$ composer require benmacha/templatebundle ^1.0

Add the Bundle to your application's kernel:

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
            new Benmacha\TemplateBundle\BenmachaTemplateBundle(),
        // ...

Configure the Bundle in your config.yml:

    site_name: 'Ben Macha' #required
    logo_path: 'bundles/benmachatemplate/img/logo-2.png' #required
    logo_path_mobile: 'bundles/benmachatemplate/img/logo-2-mob.png' #required
        class: AppBundle\Entity\User
        picture: image


To generate a CRUD, run this command NB: The menu will be generated

$  php bin/console benmacha:generate:crud

Don't forget to extend the repository like this


namespace AppBundle\Repository;

use Benmacha\TemplateBundle\Repository\BaseRepository; //add this line

class UserRepository extends BaseRepository // make this extend
     // Your code