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Craft Kit - HumHub

This craft kit is for HumHub - the flexible open source social network kit.

$ mason craft benmag/craft-kit-humhub

Craft kits let you Dockerize your application with one command. They are an excellent way to ease into building Docker powered apps without having to learn the ins and outs of Docker.

Then with Codemason, you can deploy your app to a server in a matter of minutes!


This guide assumes you have:


Clone HumHub

$ git clone

Craft your HumHub app with Docker. Make sure you set your GITHUB_TOKEN as explained in the Configruation section of this README.

$ mason craft benmag/craft-kit-humhub

Generate a GitHub Personal Access Token for Composer

Then set the token as environment variable for app in your new Dockerfile

ENV GITHUB_TOKEN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Add your Docker files to source control.

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Docker"

Spin up your development environment with Docker (use the -d flag to the command to run in detached mode)

$ docker-compose up -d

Install composer dependencies for local development.

$ docker-compose run --rm app composer install

NOTE: It will take time for all the dependencies to install. If you have composer installed locally, run composer install locally as it will be faster.

That's all! You're now running your HumHub application with Docker!

You'll be able to access your application at http://, where is the boot2docker ip or localhost if you are running Docker natively.


Deploying is just as easy with Codemason. For more detailed instructions, see our documentation.

Create an application on Codemason for your app

$ mason create humhub-app

Push your code to your Codemason Git remote to build it into a Docker image

$ git push codemason master 


$ mason deploy humhub-app


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