Getting Started

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Hello and congratulations on deciding to try goworker. Since everyone will be beginning from a different point, the getting started guides are split up into different sections.

Starting from Scratch

If you are new to background jobs and have never used Delayed Job, Resque, or Sidekiq, this is the guide for you. It covers what background job processing is, why it matters, and the easiest way to get started.

Converting from Delayed Job

If you are using Delayed Job, but haven't used a Redis-based background worker like Resque or Sidekiq, then this guide will lead you through the process of setting up Sidekiq. After that, you can add goworker.

Converting from Resque or Sidekiq

If you are using Resque or Sidekiq already, this guide leads you through the process of installing Go and goworker, setting up your workers, and deploying them.

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