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Basic Methods
Digital Signing
Sub Vi's
Type Defs
Random JSON API.lvlib
Random JSON API.lvproj

readme.txt JSON API Labview Interface
Ben Manthey

LabVIEW 2017, basic edition. No additional files needed.
Should be cross platforn but I have no way of testing this.

API Key can be obtained from:

To Do:
-- add parsing of 8601 timestamps to/from LV timestamps
-- improve HTTP Status parsing

Known Issues:
-- None, please let me know if you find any

Version: -- October 24, 2015 -- Rearranged all files into correct directory structure, add compiler optimizations, will now compile into smaller and faster LVLIBP file. -- June 20, 2015 -- Added info on API Key and Licensing -- June 15, 2015 -- Moved two files into proper directories -- June 15, 2015 -- Ready for user testing.
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