Wallsplattr is a web based twitter client with RAG status for a wall board written in Silex
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Twitter Wall Board client with RAG status written with Silex



  • Displays tweets based on criteria submitted in a list format
  • Displays tweets based on criteria submitted in a google map if geo location information is embedded in the tweet
  • Refreshing of the search based on a configurable value
  • Display number of tweets based on a configurable value
  • Plugin in architecture for "Decorators"


$ git clone git://github.com/benmatselby/wallsplattr.git
$ cd wallsplattr
$ make clean install

You will then need to setup your web server, however you normally would. An example for Apache can be found in docs/README.md


First of all you will need to create the OAuth details needed to access the search API. You can do this here. Once you have created the application, populate the keys as shown below

'oauth' => array(
    'consumer_key'    => '123123123',
    'consumer_secret' => '123123123123123',
    'token'           => '1231231212-y87ywd87we87fywef78yew78fyw8e7fy',
    'token_secret'    => 'pojwefoiwejfoijewoifjewofjoewf'

To configure what the current RAG decorators are looking for, update the key words in web/config.php

Out of the box, this application uses the Red and Green decorators as defined in web/config.php If you want to add more, such as the responder decorator for example, update the decorators key in $app['splattr.config']:

'decorators' => array(
    '\Splattr\Decorator\Responder' => array("benmatselby"),

The following decorators are currently available and are defined in Splattr:

  • \Splattr\Decorator\Red (Default)
  • \Splattr\Decorator\Amber (Default)
  • \Splattr\Decorator\Green (Default)
  • \Splattr\Decorator\Responder
  • \Splattr\Decorator\TwitterUsername (Default)
  • \Splattr\Decorator\Url (Default)
  • \Splattr\Decorator\Industry


Identifies key words and turns the background of the tweet Red


Provides a style for tweets that are marked as red and green


Identifies key words and turns the background of the tweet Green


This decorator identifies tweets that have been replied to by the user specified. It currently shows an orange tick in the far right corner of the tweet, as this is showing an active interest by your online customer communications team


Finds twitter usernames in the tweets and turns them into a clickable link


Finds urls as defined by John Gruber's regular expression (http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls) and turns them into clickable links


Identifies key words and turns the background of the tweet Purple. Generally used for industry key words you may want to look out for