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Sublime PHP CodeSniffer, Linter and Mess Detector Plugin Changelog


  • Fix for GH-129, which is the cbf not showing as enabled.


  • Support for PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer (phpcbf) GH-127





  • Stylise the icon color GH-114


  • Bug fix for switching the coding standard when not using a project.
  • Set the default coding standard when the plugin is installed to PSR2.


  • Bug fix for switching the coding standard. It does not rely on php-cs-fixer path being set


  • Enhancement GH-112. Ability to toggle the coding standard being used.


  • Enhancement: Always show php-cs-fixer support in context menu in side bar, just not enabled if php-cs-fixer is not configured GH-103




  • Minor enhancement to provide hint with configuration issue GH-78


  • Fix for ST2 which does not like trailing commas in the json. Fixes GH-75


  • Enhancement to toggle via the context menu or command palette if the plugin should execute on save or not GH-73
  • Enhancement to blacklist certain extensions if they form part of the main extensions to execute, the example being twig.php GH-69


  • Enhancement to support per project settings. Thanks to Handrus Stephan Nogueira for the contribution
  • Enhancement to reload the settings when changed, so you do not have to restart Sublime Text each time.


  • Bug fix for users of ST2 and PHP_CodeSniffer1.5.0 (Currently RC1). Essentially we now need to pass cwd so that PHP_CodeSniffer knows where to put the tmp files for its caching mechanism. Fixes GH-68


  • Missed a s/SCheck/scheck/ conversion



  • Minor patch to scrub the last report so the points and line numbers are correct each time. Fixes GH-67


  • Only run commands if the *_run preferences are true. Thanks to Rys Sommefeldt for this patch.


  • Support for Sublime Text 3 GH-60


  • Patch to fix GH-53 which was php-cs-fixer executing on save for non plugin based files (e.g. running for a python file). Thanks to John Hoffmann for the solution.
  • Minor update to the README to cover off a gotcha on installing php-cs-fixer using Homebrew GH-52


  • Small patch to fix GH-51. Thanks to mstaatz for raising the issue.


  • Provided configuration option "phpcs_commands_to_php_prefix" that allows you to distinguish which commands should have the php path prefixed. Thanks to Hamrani ahmed for raising GH-49


  • Fixes for windows based users and the use of phar files. Thanks to Hamrani ahmed for raising GH-47
  • Moved the options to the end of the php-cs-fixer command as per their documentation examples
  • Removed reloading settings code, as it seems redundant in latest build of Sublime Text 2


  • Minor changes to the README to better explain non package control installation.
  • Minor change to README for naming of the plugin
  • Minor change to when the "Goto Next Error" context menu is enabled


  • Define a setting "php_cs_fixer_show_quick_panel" that stops quick panel displaying for php-cs-fixer. Thanks to Kevin Perrine for the pull request


  • Blank out the default setting for php_cs_fixer_executable_path. Thanks to Eric Lewis for the pull request.


  • Provide configuration options for each command to execute on save. Thanks to Jeremy Romey for the suggestion


  • Ehancement for GH-34 which provides a command to "Goto Next Error" which can also have a shortcut key assigned to it. Thanks to Casey Becking for raising the feature request
  • Ability to fun PHP-CS-Fixer on save now. Thanks to Cedric Lombardot for raising the feature request


  • Ability to configure if you want the errors to be highlighted in the editor. Thanks to Aleksandr Gornostal


  • Small patch to be consistent with the naming of the tools. Thanks to Beau Simensen


  • Added support to use php-cs-fixer on a directory in the side bar
  • Now displays the php-cs-fixer changes in the quick panel



  • Setting to configure if phpcs is run when the plugin is invoked GH-20. Thanks to grEvenX


  • Bug fix for GH-18 which meant the plugin would fail to work when coming across non ascii characters
  • Added a show_debug setting for console output. Off by default


  • Support added to configure the php path GH-16. Thanks to Dan Previte
  • Added support for multiple file extensions, rather than using Sublimes syntax checker GH-15


  • Bug fix for GH-13 which seems to be apparent when Sublime cannot find/load the settings file


  • Bug fix for GH-12
  • Bug fix for incorrectly mismatching sublime line numbers to line numbers from a report if there was only one error reported
  • Updated name of change log


  • Support added for running phpmd - Currently off by default


  • Updated Main.sublime-menu so we can change the key bindings from within the Preferences panel


  • Added the ability to show previous errors without generating the report again. Thanks to Drarok GH-9
  • Put the processing back to being threaded which helps with large files. Thanks to Drarok GH-10
  • Removed Side Bar Menu, as it doesn't make sense to run report against a non-open file
  • When selecting an error from the quick panel, also set the status bar message
  • Added "Show previous errors" to the context menu to be consistent
  • Added keymap for Mac OSX, cannot get the keys right when using Virtual Box to define for Windows and Linux, so leaving for the time being


  • Ability to show the errors in the status bar (configurable with on/off setting). Thanks to Drarok
  • Bug fix with clearing the sniffer marks


  • Ability to not show the quick_panel errors on save, (errors shown by default). Thanks to Drarok


  • Allow the user to specify the location of the phpcs application GH-4
  • Turned the linter checks on by default


  • Added the ability to run the PHP linter alongside the PHP_CodeSniffer
  • You can specify if you want the linter to run
  • You can specify the regex of the linter output, as it seems to differ on different systems


  • Updated the loading of settings to use static method
  • Updated the debugging calls to prefix with "Phpcs"
  • Added a counter of errors in the console log


  • Enables the plugin to work on the Windows platform GH-1
  • Removed some redundant code


  • Changed the way the checkstyle report was parsed. due to GH-2 which means it should now work on Linux machines


  • Load the settings into memory if changed using settings.add_on_change. This only works on User settings rather than defaults, which is a limitation of the API from what I can see at the moment.
  • Define the coding standard as PEAR by default.
  • Introduced this file.
  • Raised this feature request so I can show tool tips in the gutter for each checkstyle error/warning


  • Initial release documented here
  • Right click on a php file and generate checkstyle report in the gutter and/or quick panel
  • Settings to turn the reporting on/off for gutter and quick panel
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