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@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ parser.render('Hey, *this* is `code` with ÚŦF châracters!')
// '<p>Hey, <em>this</em> is <code>code</code> with ÚŦF châracters!</p>\n'
-**Always reuse yor parsers/renderers!** As you can see in the [benchmark](#performance),
+**Always reuse your parsers/renderers!** As you can see in the [benchmark](#performance),
making and using the same pair to render everything saves a _lot_ of time.
If you can't reuse them (for example, because the flags are supplied by the user),
consider using [the convenience way](#the-convenience-way).
@@ -121,15 +121,21 @@ You can see the full list of HTML flags in the docs.
Sundown is fully UTF-8 aware, both when handling and rendering.
Robotskirt will take care of the encoding and decoding tasks for you.
-### Custom renderers!
+For more info about how UTF characters are treated, see [the corresponding
+section]( in Sundown's README.
+## Custom renderers!
A renderer is just a set of functions.
Each time the parser finds a piece of Markdown it'll call the appropiate function in the renderer.
If the function is not set (`undefined`), the Markdown will be skipped or copied untouched.
+Keep in mind, however, that you can't do asynchronous work in these functions.
+This is because of Sundown's design.
Some use cases of custom renderers:
-#### Highlighting code blocks
+### Highlighting code blocks
var renderer = new rs.HtmlRenderer();
@@ -138,13 +144,13 @@ renderer.blockcode = function (code, language) {
//No language was provided, don't highlight
return '<pre>' + escapeHtml(code) + '</pre>';
- return pygments.highlight(code, {"lang": language, "indent": 2});
+ return amazinglib.highlight(code, {"lang": language, "indent": 2});
You can see the full list of renderer functions in the docs.
-#### Renderer from scratch
+### Renderer from scratch
If you don't feel comfortable extending the `HtmlRenderer` class,
you can build a renderer from scratch by extending the base class: `Renderer`.

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