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Easily interact with tmux from vim.


What inspired me to write vimux was tslime.vim, a plugin that lets you send input to tmux. While tslime.vim works well, I felt it wasn't optimized for my primary use case which was having a smaller tmux pane that I would use to run tests or play with a REPL.

My goal with vimux is to make interacting with tmux from vim effortless. By default when you call VimuxRunCommand vimux will create a 20% tall horizontal pane under your current tmux pane and execute a command in it without losing focus of vim. Once that pane exists whenever you call VimuxRunCommand again the command will be executed in that pane. As I was using vimux myself I wanted to rerun commands over and over. An example of this was running the current file through rspec. Rather than typing that over and over I wrote VimuxRunLastCommand that will execute the last command you called with VimuxRunCommand.

Other auxiliary functions and the ones I talked about above can be found bellow with a full description and example key binds for your vimrc.


With vim-bundle: vim-bundle install benmills/vimux With Vundle: 'Plugin benmills/vimux' in your .vimrc

Otherwise download the latest tarball, extract it and move plugin/vimux.vim inside ~/.vim/plugin. If you're using pathogen, then move the entire folder extracted from the tarball into ~/.vim/bundle.


  • Vimux assumes a tmux version >= 1.5. Some older versions might work but it is recommeded to use at least version 1.5.

Platform-specific Plugins


The full documentation is available online and accessible inside vim :help vimux