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a node module for adb & android
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a node module for adb & android


var adb = require("android");

Get attached device id

    if(deviceId) {
        //there's a device attached, do cool stuff
    } else {
        //no device attached

Checking to see if a package is installed (wildcards allowed)

adb.isInstalled("com.example.*", function(isInstalled) {
    if(isInstalled) {
        //do cool stuff

Installing an APK

adb.install("/path/to/my.apk", function() {
    //do cool stuff

Pushing a file

adb.push("/path/to/src", "/path/to/target", function (err) {
    if(!err) {
        //do cool stuff

Sending a broadcast

var options = {action:"com.example.ACTION_JACKSON", extras:{key:"lime", pie: "good"};

adb.sendBroadcast(options, function(response){
    console.log("response data: " +;
    console.log("response message: " + response.message);
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