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import/no-absolute-path: Forbid import of modules using absolute paths

Node.js allows the import of modules using an absolute path such as /home/xyz/file.js. That is a bad practice as it ties the code using it to your computer, and therefore makes it unusable in packages distributed on npm for instance.

Rule Details


import f from '/foo';
import f from '/some/path';

var f = require('/foo');
var f = require('/some/path');


import _ from 'lodash';
import foo from 'foo';
import foo from './foo';

var _ = require('lodash');
var foo = require('foo');
var foo = require('./foo');


By default, only ES6 imports and CommonJS require calls will have this rule enforced.

You may provide an options object providing true/false for any of

  • esmodule: defaults to true
  • commonjs: defaults to true
  • amd: defaults to false

If { amd: true } is provided, dependency paths for AMD-style define and require calls will be resolved:

/*eslint import/no-absolute-path: [2, { commonjs: false, amd: true }]*/
define(['/foo'], function (foo) { /*...*/ }) // reported
require(['/foo'], function (foo) { /*...*/ }) // reported

const foo = require('/foo') // ignored because of explicit `commonjs: false`
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