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Forbid Webpack loader syntax in imports.

Webpack allows specifying the loaders to use in the import source string using a special syntax like this:

var moduleWithOneLoader = require("my-loader!./my-awesome-module");

This syntax is non-standard, so it couples the code to Webpack. The recommended way to specify Webpack loader configuration is in a Webpack configuration file.

Rule Details


import myModule from 'my-loader!my-module';
import theme from 'style!css!./theme.css';

var myModule = require('my-loader!./my-module');
var theme = require('style!css!./theme.css');


import myModule from 'my-module';
import theme from './theme.css';

var myModule = require('my-module');
var theme = require('./theme.css');

When Not To Use It

If you have a project that doesn't use Webpack you can safely disable this rule.