A ColdFusion component that allows a queue of low-priority tasks to be executed, in serial, in the context of a single CFThread. This way, your low-priority threads do not end up blocking your higher-priority threads.
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by Ben Nadel (on Google+)

ColdFusion threads are awesome because they allow you to run tasks in parallel. This is a particularly excellent optimization for set-it and forget-it style tasks. However, there are some thread limitations to be aware of. Specifically, ColdFusion Standard has a concurrent thread limit of 10. If you launch more than 10 threads, they start to get queued. If you're executing non-essential tasks, it doesn't much matter; but, your non-essential tasks can end up blocking tasks with a higher business priority.

To work within this constraint, I created the AsyncTaskQueue.cfc. This is a ColdFusion component that processes a queue of tasks using a single CFThread. So, rather than spawning a separate thread for each low-priority task, the AsyncTaskQueue.cfc spawns one thread and processes the low-priority tasks, in serial, in the context of the single thread.

While it can be called on its own, I had envisioned the AsyncTaskQueue.cfc as being extended. It has one public method that allows tasks to be added to the internal queue:

  • addTask( callback, callbackArguments ) :: Void

You provide the queue with a callback function and an optional set of arguments to be used when invoking the callback function. This task then gets queued and flushed within a single CFThread tag.