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Experimenting with some Bookmarklets that I can load into a browser.
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Bookmarklet Scripts

by Ben Nadel

These are some simple Bookmarklets that I use to inject Scripts and additional formatting into various websites and applications.

Loggly - JSON Modal

This adds a double-click handler to the "Grid" view cells. If the cell contains data that can be successfully parsed as JSON, it will be opened up and displayed in a modal window that will output the JSON using pretty(ish)-print formatting.


Loggly - Search Formatting

This makes the "Grid" view of the Loggly search a bit easier to read, increasing the contrast, changing the font, and adding some breathing room (making it all look a little more like Kibana).


General - Capture Pointer Events

This injects a style tag that enables pointer-events on the root element. And then, attempts to force the cascade of pointer-events down the DOM tree using the !important modifier.

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