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A ColdFusion component representation of a CSS rule.
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CSSRule.cfc - ColdFusion CSS Rule Parsing

by Ben Nadel (on Google+)

NOTE: This is a really old project that has not been updated in years.

The CSSRule.cfc is a ColdFusion component that can parse and model CSS using ColdFusion. I love CSS; I think it's like the most awesome, straightforward way to describe formatting of rendered boxes. As such, I wanted to use it in more of my projects. However, in order to do this, I needed to come up with a way to parse and maintain the CSS model programmatically inside of ColdFusion.


  • Models a large sub-set of CSS properties (not including auditory features)
  • Can handle short-hand notation (ex. font, background)
  • Can return a single property or the entire map of properties

Known Bugs And Issues

  • Some CSS rules not supported
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