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An attempt to encapsulate ColdFusion 10 WebSockets in an AMD-complient(ish) module so that they can be used with libraries like RequireJS.

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ColdFusion 10 WebSocket AMD Compliant(ish) Module


ColdFusionWebSocket( coldfusionAppName [, channel [, headers]] )

The first argument, coldfusionAppName, is the name of your server-side ColdFusion application as determined by the "" value you define in your Application.cfc. If you this is not an easy accessible value, you can always access it using the getApplicationMetaData() method.

Public Methods

  • authenticate( username, password ) :: Promise
  • closeConnection()
  • getClientID() :: Int
  • getSubscriberCount( channel ) :: Promise
  • getSubscriptions() :: Promise
  • isConnectionOpen() :: Boolean
  • off( eventType, callback )
  • on( eventType [, channel], callback [, context] )
  • openConnection()
  • parse( json ) :: Any
  • publish( channel, data [, headers] )
  • stringify( value ) :: JSON
  • subscribe( channel [, headers] )
  • unsubscribe( channel )
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