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I provide conversion methods for common data types in ColdFusion.

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DatatypeConverter.cfc - Converts Between Various Data Formats In ColdFusion

by Ben Nadel (

The DatatypeConverter.cfc is a ColdFusion component that provides shorthand functions for converting between common data types. The following conversion methods are provided:

  • base64ToBinary( String base64Value )
  • base64ToHex( String base64Value )
  • base64ToString( String base64Value )
  • binaryToBase64( Any binaryValue )
  • binaryToHex( Any binaryValue )
  • binaryToString( Any binaryValue [, String charset = "utf-8"] )
  • hexToBase64( String hexValue )
  • hexToBinary( String hexValue )
  • hexToString( String hexValue )
  • stringToBase64( String stringValue )
  • stringToBinary( String stringValue [, String charset = "utf-8"] )
  • stringToHex( String stringValue )

Some of these methods are simply more "readable" versions of existing, built-in ColdFusion functions.

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