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A ColdFusion wrapper for the Email Yak SMTP Proxy API.
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EmailYak.cfc - A ColdFusion component to wrap the API.

Email Yak is a JSON-based SMTP proxy that acts as a go-between for your web-based application and your user. Through the API, your web application can send emails to your users. Your users can then respond to said emails using their native email client (GMail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.). When an email comes in from a user, the Email Yak API will parse it, store the attachments, and push a "new email" notification to your web application's callback URL.

The EmailYak.cfc ColdFusion component provides simple methods for interacting with the Email Yak JSON API. There are also a number of demo files that show how the ColdFusion component can be used.

Email Yak Features In Demo

  • Register Domain
  • Register Email Address
  • Send Email
  • Send Email with Attachments
  • Get All Email
  • Get New Email
  • Get Email
  • Get Email List
  • Delete Email
  • Trigger Callback

REQUIRED: In order to use the demo, you have to have an Email Yak API key and a public callback URL (for push notification). When you open up the demo, it will ask you to provide this information as part of the demo login.

Author: (Ben Nadel)[]

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