My attempt at performing the Object Calisthenics exercise as described by Jeff Bay.
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Object Calisthenics

This is my attempt at executing the Object Calisthenics exercise in JavaScript as described by Jeff Bay in this PDF, originally from the ThoughtWorks Anthology on Pragmatic Programmers:


ThoughtWorks Anthology:

The 9 Rules of Object Calisthenics

Object Calisthenics outlines 9 basic rules to apply when performing the exercise:

  • One level of indentation per method.
  • Don't use the ELSE keyword.
  • Wrap all primitives and Strings in classes.
  • First class collections.
  • One dot per line.
  • Don't abbreviate.
  • Keep all classes less than 50 lines.
  • No classes with more than two instance variables.
  • No getters or setters.

More to come soon!

Special Thanks

I wanted to give a special thanks to Brian Kotek who originally introduced me to this exercise: