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Using Plupload For Drag & Drop File Uploads In ColdFusion

by Ben Nadel (

This project demonstrates how to use Plupload to enable drag & drop uploading in a ColdFusion project. The drag & drop feature is only supported in browsers that have implemented enough of the HTML5 spec. For older browsers (and IE), the uploader fails-over to a Flash object. The Flash object doesn't support drag & drop; but, it can still support multi-file uploads.

Buggy On Windows Virtual Machine

In my testing, this works perfectly on my Mac in all browsers. However, when I try to test on my Windows Virtual Machine (Windows 7), I get bugginess in all of the browsers. This behavior includes:

  • Failure to start upload.
  • Failure to finish upload.
  • Failure to recognize "upload complete" event.
  • Failure to handle drag events (relatedTarget).

I am not sure if this is related to the Virtual Machine? Or, if this is a Windows-related issue.

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