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This container is no longer maintained. Please use something like janeczku/dropbox instead

docker-dropbox is a Docker container that runs the linux version of Dropbox.

Quick Start

  1. Run the docker container:

    docker run -d --name dropbox bennetimo/docker-dropbox

  2. The container will start running, but it is not yet linked to your dropbox account:

    Run docker logs dropbox and it will give you a link like:

    This computer isn't linked to any Dropbox account...
    Please visit https://www.dropbox.com/cli_link_nonce?nonce=xxx to link this device.

    Visit the link in a browser and sign it to your Dropbox account to complete the setup.

  3. Run docker logs dropbox again after a short while and you should see something like:

    This computer is now linked to Dropbox. Welcome <Name>

Done! The container is now running and linked to your Dropbox :)

Dropbox folder location

The container Dropbox folder is:


Any files placed in here will be synced.


The CLI is available at /bin/dropbox.py

For example:

View sync status

docker exec my-dropbox /bin/dropbox.py status

Selective Sync (exclude a folder from sync)

docker exec my-dropbox /bin/dropbox.py exclude add /root/Docker/excludeme

See all commands

docker exec my-dropbox /bin/dropbox.py help

You can also connect to the docker container to run commands:

docker exec -it my-dropbox /bin/bash