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ghost-themer is a Docker container for managing Ghost blog themes. It supports installing and updating themes located on Github.

There are many free and paid themes available in the Ghost Marketplace, All Ghost Themes and other places.

Quick Start

Create and run the ghost-themes container with the volume from your Ghost data container:

docker run --rm --volumes-from <your-data-container> bennetimo/ghost-themer


<your-data-container> is where your ghost themes live (your Ghost container or separate data container)

This will run a container that will install the default Casper theme into the /var/lib/ghost/themes directory (or update it if it exists).

N.B. If a theme already exists that was not installed via Git, then it will be ignored.

Installing multiple themes

Additional themes can be passed as arguments, in the form 'themename:githubrepo'.

For example to explicitly specify the Casper theme:

docker run --volumes-from <your-data-container> bennetimo/ghost-themer casper:TryGhost/Casper

You can list as many themes as you want, space separated. For example:

docker run --volumes-from <your-data-container> bennetimo/ghost-themer casper:TryGhost/Casper casper-copy:TryGhost/Casper

Would install two copies of Casper, one as 'casper' and one 'casper-copy'

The container only retrieves and extracts the theme files, so if there is additional post-installation setup needed for a particular theme then you still need to do that

Updating themes

ghost-themer will check for the existence of any themes specified, and if they exist already they will be updated instead by doing a git pull origin master on the themes Github repo. So to update all of the themes, just run ghost-themer again.

Changing the theme location

The default theme directory is /var/lib/ghost/themes. You can override this by setting the THEMES_LOCATION environment variable when you start the container.

docker run --volumes-from <your-data-container> -e THEMES_LOCATION="/my/theme/directory" bennetimo/ghost-themer


Easily manage themes installed in a Dockerised Ghost installation






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