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CSS Creatures

Screenshot of CSS Creatures

This is a new version of CSS Creatures, which was originally released in December 2012.

How it works

This project utilizes the Twitter Search API, showing tweets sent to the account @csscreatures. Tweets are parsed looking for colors and specific keywords, which are then used to build a creature.



The color of creatures can be customized by including a 3 or 6 digit hexadecimal color (e.g. #AAA, #3b81ba) or a recognized CSS color keyword (see below) in your tweet.


Modifiers are appearances and behaviors to customize a creature. In many cases, more than one can be used at a time. Each modifier has a main keyword, and one or more synonyms that are also recognized.

  • angry (furious, mad, shake, shaking)
  • camouflage (camo, ghillie, hidden, military, soldier, troop)
  • cyclops (one-eye, one-eyed, monster, wazowski)
  • ghost (casper, scary, spooky)
  • hungry (eating, fat, plump, talk, talking)
  • hyper (animated, excited, happy, pumped, super, smiley)
  • jack-o-lantern (halloween, pumpkin)
  • moustache (mustache, hairy)
  • nervous (anxious, scared)
  • sad (crying, depressed, upset)
  • sleepy (asleep, sleep, sleeping, sleepy, tired, rest, resting, quiet)
  • square (box, boxy, minecraft, robot, robotic)
  • tall (big, giant, gigantic, huge, skinny, thin)
  • tiny (baby, dwarf, little, mini, miniature, petite, short, small)
  • teeth (smile, smiling, smiley)
  • transparent (checker, checkerboard, checkered, invisible, see-through, translucent)
  • tooth (hillbilly)
  • upside-down (backwards, upsidedown, rollover)
  • wink (winking)

List of supported CSS color keywords

aliceblue, antiquewhite, aqua, aquamarine, azure, beige, bisque, black, blanchedalmond, blue, blueviolet, brown, burlywood, cadetblue, chartreuse, chocolate, coral, cornflowerblue, cornsilk, crimson, cyan, darkblue, darkcyan, darkgoldenrod, darkgray, darkgreen, darkgrey, darkkhaki, darkmagenta, darkolivegreen, darkorange, darkorchid, darkred, darksalmon, darkseagreen, darkslateblue, darkslategray, darkslategrey, darkturquoise, darkviolet, deeppink, deepskyblue, dimgray, dimgrey, dodgerblue, firebrick, floralwhite, forestgreen, fuchsia, gainsboro, ghostwhite, gold, goldenrod, gray, green, greenyellow, grey, honeydew, hotpink, indianred, indigo, ivory, khaki, lavender, lavenderblush, lawngreen, lemonchiffon, lightblue, lightcoral, lightcyan, lightgoldenrodyellow, lightgray, lightgreen, lightgrey, lightpink, lightsalmon, lightseagreen, lightskyblue, lightslategray, lightslategrey, lightsteelblue, lightyellow, lime, limegreen, linen, magenta, maroon, mediumaquamarine, mediumblue, mediumorchid, mediumpurple, mediumseagreen, mediumslateblue, mediumspringgreen, mediumturquoise, mediumvioletred, midnightblue, mintcream, mistyrose, moccasin, navajowhite, navy, oldlace, olive, olivedrab, orange, orangered, orchid, palegoldenrod, palegreen, paleturquoise, palevioletred, papayawhip, peachpuff, peru, pink, plum, powderblue, purple, rebeccapurple, red, rosybrown, royalblue, saddlebrown, salmon, sandybrown, seagreen, seashell, sienna, silver, skyblue, slateblue, slategray, slategrey, snow, springgreen, steelblue, tan, teal, thistle, tomato, transparent, turquoise, violet, wheat, white, whitesmoke, yellow, yellowgreen

Getting around Twitter rate limiting

I'm doing something kinda not allowed, if you need to know get in touch and I'll show you how.