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May 17, 2020
Jul 22, 2020

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A simple dev-blog theme for Zola. It uses no JavaScript, prerenders links between navigation, blog posts and tags and adds common tags for SEO.

You can view it live here.

How to get started

To create a new Zola site, first download the CLI and install it on your system. This theme requires Zola version 0.14 or greater.

You can find installation instructions on the Zola website.

  1. After you've installed the Zola CLI, run the following command to create a new site:

    zola init my_amazing_site
    cd my_amazing_site
  2. After you've created the site, install the "Simple Dev Blog" theme like so:

    git clone --depth=1 \ \
  3. Now in your config.toml file, choose the theme by setting theme = "simple-dev-blog".

  4. This theme uses the tags taxonomy, in your config.toml file set taxonomies = [ { name = "tags" } ]

  5. Copy across the default content from the theme by running cp themes/simple-dev-blog/content/* ./content -r

  6. That's it! Now build your site by running the following command, and navigate to

    zola serve

You should now have a speedy simple dev blog up and running, have fun!


Look at the config.toml and theme.toml in this repo for an idea, here's a list of all the options:


The following options should be under the [extra] in config.toml

  • accent_light - a lighter shade of your site's accent color
  • accent - your site's accent color
  • blog_path - the path to your blog (defaults to blog)
  • default_og_image - the path default og:image for your page
  • footer_about - the content for your footer in markdown
  • icon - the path to the icon for your site in the content folder
    • E.g to add the file icon.png you should put it in content/icon.png
  • nav - see theme.toml, the navigation links for your site
  • not_found_message - the content for your 404 page in markdown
  • profile_large - the path to a larger vertical version of your profile picture in the content folder
  • profile_small - the path to a small version of your profile picture in the content folder


The following options should be under the [extra] section of each page

  • thumbnail - the path to your og:image for that page


A simple dev-blog theme for Zola.








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