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Kappa Delta Responsive Website

By Bennett Lee


Sidebench Studios will design and build a fully responsively designed site for Kappa Delta. It will offer the public basic information regarding the KD fraternity (history, board members, active roster, etc.) as well as any news and upcoming events. The website will also allow for online donations to the fraternity.

Fraternity members who are logged into the site via a unique login will receive exclusive access to job/internship listings, be able to browse profiles of active members, and participate in online forum discussions. The members side of the site will also archive the fraternity's twice-yearly publication "The Dagger".

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Specific Services

Sidebench will perform the following services:

  • Lead the planning and execution of the Kappa Delta site design
  • Partner with the KDAA to create a comprehensive and intelligent mobile-friendly (responsive) design
  • Provide guidance around UX best practices across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Build the new site according to technical SEO best practices and in a way that will minimize load times
  • Ensure that the member list and site can be (in part) easily managed and updated by both the actives and the KDAA
  • Test and ensure site functionality across the following modern browsers: Google Chrome versions 30-32, Mozilla Firefox versions 24-26, Internet Explorer versions 9-11, Opera versions 16-18, Safari versions 5.1-7, Android version 4.4, BlackBerry version 10.2, Windows Phone version 8

Tech Info

  • Front-end: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails
  • Database: Postgres (or not? haha)
  • Hosting: Heroku
  • Donation Platform: Stripe
  • Site URL: thekds.org

Site Pages & Sections

  • Shared (both pre & post-login) menu options - Home (About KD, Current Officers), History (Frat History, Fred Sontag Bio, Famous Alumni), * News (Individual News Pages), Donations (Info & Appreciation, Donation Form), Contact
  • Public (pre-login) menu options - Log In
  • Private (post-login) menu options - Jobs & Internships (Post Job, View Job), Brother Database (Brother Profile), ‘The KD Room’ (Forum), ‘The Dagger’ (PDF Archive), Events (Individual Event Info), My Account (Members Home, My Profile, Edit Profile, Account Settings, Sign Out)