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I am no longer maintaining this theme. The live demo has been taken offline.

Barhop is a lightweight theme designed for Anchor CMS. Page templates are in minimal PHP and focus on the writing, not the extra stuff. Some features include:

  • Markdown and HTML editing in Anchor
  • Fully mobile-responsive design
  • Featured image included in blog list (see below for setup)
  • Flickr image credits automatically added (blog post).
  • Post descriptions displayed on home page
  • Comment permalinks
  • Category article counts in the sidebar

Currently, the Barhop theme is only available for Anchor. I'm planning on porting it over to Wordpress if I can get around to it.


There are a few customizations you'll need to make in order to take advantage of the features.

Featured Images

Barhop uses featured images to give a clean, modern look to your blog, but it must be enabled by the user. To do so:

  1. Create a new Custom Field under Extend > Custom Fields in your admin settings
  2. Enter the following in the form:
    • Type: post
    • Field: text
    • Unique Key: featured_image (this is the slug used by Anchor)
    • Label: Featured Image
  3. Click Update
  4. To set a featured image in the post editor:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the editor
    • Paste an image source URL into the Featured Image field.
    • Images can be static or animated GIFs.

If you do not set up a featured image, or don't set an image, a random color will be applied to the Home page and the post header.


Anchor CMS is so light because it comes completely unconfigured.

Set up a reusable username variable:

  1. Create a new Custom Field under Extend > Site Variables in the admin settings.
  2. Enter the following in the config form:
    • Name: twitter_account
    • Value: yourusername - do not include '@'!


This theme is built for Anchor CMS.


Barhop is created by Brian Bennett (2014) is licensed with The MIT License and is free to use, modify and distribute.


A lightweight theme built for Anchor CMS



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