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<div id="text">
<b>Version 0.2 update</b>
<p>I built this to grab text for an online text analyzer which requires ASCII encoding. The script now automatically converts UTF-8 strings (most web pages) into ASCII before downloading.</p>
<p>The change is in the background, so if you already were using the bookmarklet, you don't need to do anything to get the update.</p>
<p>You can see the updates to the source on <a href="">GitHub</a>.<span class="blinking-cursor">|</span></p>
<p>Getting the content of a webpage as plaintext isn't easy to do. It requires finding an article, copying the text, opening a text editor, pasting, and then saving the new document.</p>
<p>This bookmarklet allows you to highlight text and download a plaintext file with one click.</p>
<p>To use the downloader, drag this <a id="button" href='javascript:(function()%7Bfunction makePage(a)%7B"undefined"!%3Dtypeof window.getSelection%26%26(a%3Dwindow.getSelection().toString(),"",null,"width%3D560,height%3D360,status%3Dyes,menubar%3Dno").document.write("<head><link rel%3D%27stylesheet%27 type%3D%27text/css%27 href%3D%27><script type%3D%27text/javascript%27 src%3D%27>%5Cx3c/script></head><body><a id%3D%27download%27 download%3D%27text.txt%27></a><div id%3D%27copy%27><p>"%2Ba%2B"</p></div><div id%3D%27interact%27><button id%3D%27download%27 onclick%3D%27getPlainText()%27>Download</button></div></body></html>"),console.log(a))%7DmakePage()%3B%7D)()%3B'>get.txt</a> button to your bookmarks bar.</p>
<img src="install.gif" />
<h1>In Action</h1>
<p>Using the downloader is easy.</p>
<p>Find a webpage with some text. Highlight the text. Click the bookmark. Download the text file.</p>
<img src="use.gif" />
<p>Updated irregularly.</p>