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Commits on Dec 2, 2019
  1. Feature/rubric performance (#4)

    bennettscience committed Dec 2, 2019
    * Feature update: compare assignment score with rubric results.
    For a given assignment, fetch the student submission score and rubric
    results. Break into separate dictionaries for each student to display
    in a table in the UI.
    - A `columns` list defines which Outcomes to add to the table. This
    makes the hacky table header setting a little more legit.
    - Students are included by sortable name (also updated in the scores
    table for grade reconciliation)
    - Each student has a `rubric` object with assessed rubric scores for
    the selected assignment.
    - Table column IDs are matched with the student `rubric` item to make
    sure columns are populated correctly.
    - Color code Outcome scores by Outcome ID for the student (higher/lower
    than current average)
    - Return total possible points for the assignment
    * rubric view MVP
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