gifify turns movies into gifs.
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gifify is a shell script for converting screen recordings into GIFs that can be embedded conveniently into places like Campfire chatrooms or GitHub issues and pull requests.


Download the gifify script and make it available in your PATH.

curl -o /usr/local/bin/gifify -O && \
  chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gifify


  1. ffmpeg: brew install ffmpeg
  2. imagemagick: brew install imagemagick


Given a file

Convert it into, and upload it to CloudApp:


Convert it into new_gif.gif, and upload it to CloudApp

gifify -o new_gif

Convert it, cropping the top left corner, and upload:

gifify -c 100:100

Convert it, and do not upload it to CloudApp:

gifify -n

Convert it, do not upload, and output at 60 frames per second:

gifify -r 60 -n

Convert it, do not upload, and output at 30 frames per second at 2x speed:

gifify -r 30 -s 2 -n

Convert it, do not upload, and output at 10 frames per second at 6x speed:

gifify -s 6 -n

Convert it, do not upload, and add a caption to the bottom

gifify -n -t "Add a caption to the the GIF"

Convert it, upload it, then destroy the gif and the original file:

gifify -x

Regarding framerates:

GIF renderers typically cap the framerate somewhere between 60 and 100 frames per second. If you choose to change the framerate or playback speed of your GIFs, ensure your framerates do not exceed 60 frames per second to ensure your GIFs play consistently. An easy way to compute this is to ensure that FPS (-r) x SPEED (-s) is not greater than 60.