PHP class to access MySQL database wrapper using MySQLi
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PHP class to access MySQL database wrapper using MySQLi

This class can:

  • Connect to a given MySQL server
  • Execute arbitrary SQL queries
  • Retrieve the number of query result rows, result columns and last inserted table identifier
  • Retrieve the query results in a single array
  • Escape a single string or an array of literal text values to use in queries
  • Determine if one value or an array of values contain common MySQL function calls
  • Check of a table exists
  • Check of a given table record exists
  • Return a query result that has just one row
  • Execute INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from values that define tables, field names, field values and conditions
  • Truncate a table
  • Send email messages with MySQL access and query errors
  • Display the total number of queries performed during all instances of the class

Full usage examples are provided in example.php, using example data provided in example-data.sql