Maxi Metro is a Traffic game inspired by Mini Metro. It is writen in Python using Pygame. Should be multi user some day.
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maximetro is a traffic game inspired by Mini Metro(*). It is writen in Python using Pygame. Should be multi user some day (in the far future).

Stil in early pre-alpha. I plan to make a more strategical game than Mini Metro is.


Just click around to get a feeling for the game. You should build stations and lines. Than railcars run on them and transport passengers to ther destinations. You gain money for delivered passengers. Building stations and lines costs money. The buttons at the right delete or add tracks to existing lines.

But keep in mind: The game is stil in very early development. some settings are sometimes more optimized for development than for actual gameplay.


You need python and pygame. Under Debian/Ubuntu and similar systems the following should work:

apt-get install python python-pygame 
git clone 

I have no idea how to install in other systems. But in general you need python and pygame and than clone the git repository (or download the zip from github). The underlying technologies (SDL, Pygame, Python) are all very portable, so it should be possible to run it more or less on any system which runs python.

PROBLEM: There is a problem with pygame in the moment. I use a patched version. so you need the patch in pygame-patch.diff and compile pygame yourself or do this Workaround: uncomment the two lines in with OTHERSTATIONS and SHAPES.

Have fun.