Lighting Control based on SuperCollider
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This is my try on using SuperCollider DSP magic (running on scsynth) to synthesize signals which can control various lighting fixtures using the Open Lighting Architecture (OLA) to play out Artnet and/or DMX signals.

A VIDEO of the system in use back in 2012 is available here:

Another video from 2013 available here:

Further information is available here:


You find the documentation in german in the file mblght-Doku-pdf.pdf. English documentation isn't available yet unfortunately.

In short: Install OLA/olad and get it running, use to do some basic setup tasks and start with this little snippet:

SynthDef(\test, {
	var color ={0.4.rand}!3 + 0.1, pi.rand, mul: 0.5, add: 0.5);
	Patcher.default.busesForMethod(\color).do({ |bus, i|, (color - (0.02 * i)).fold(0, 1));

You can find more examples in /misc, /scenes and /waldstock. More exhaustive examples are available in the repository


A couple of videos have been made where mblght was put to good use! -- at the Waldstock Festival in Bad Waldsee, used for stage & ambient lighting -- at the SoNaFe in Ulm, used for ambient lighting -- more simple test run in a barn

Some colorful pictures (it's about the lighting, not the projection, which was part of the Stereo Tam Tam gig):

Two short videos demonstrating what's possible but using alternate visualisations (not the real thing):


This software was created as part of my Bachelor's Thesis at the Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics (IMWI) at the University of Music, Karlsruhe (Germany).