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Provide sqlite database access over osc
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Provide sqlite database access over osc.

Might be useful as a way to access a database from SuperCollider. Note that all communication is asynchronous. Will support only basic CRUD operations. The useage might be:

(tid is always a unique transaction id to group returned values and manage stuff because of its asynchronous nature)

  • /db/status -- return database status (connected/disconnected)
  • /db/query tid sql_string -- execute query (for inserts, ...)
  • /db/select tid tablename fields where order -- select rows from table, answer with an osc-message for each row to the same address

For a later implementation:

  • /database/select -- select database to use
  • /database/connect -- "connect" to database (open file)
  • /database/disconnect -- close connection to database (yet don't end node-server!)

Useage with the (included) OscSqlite-SuperCollider-Class:

(Run the node-osc-server in the terminal by node oscsqlite.js after defining the path to a database file in line 3.)

o = OscSqlite()

d = (field1: "This is", field2: "a little test");
o.insert("mytable", d);{ |data|
}, "mytable", "*", "id <= 3", "id DESC");

o.update("mytable", (field2: "a big test"), "id = 1");

o.delete("mytable", "id = 1");


Uses node-osc and node-sqlite3, install with npm:

npm install node-osc
npm install sqlite3

Contact & Copyright

All stuff is (c) 2012 by Benjamin Graf, but feel free to do whatever you want with it. E-Mail: Web:

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