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manage version tags in git
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#!/usr/bin/env perl # PODNAME: git-tag-version # ABSTRACT: git command to manage version tags =head1 DESCRIPTION git-tag-version is a git sub command to manage version tags. * list all available versions (sorted by version) * show last version * show next version * create a tag for next version * create a changelog in different styles =head1 INSTALLATION To install from CPAN: cpanm Git::TagVersion =head1 SYNOPSIS git-tag-version [options...] It supports the following subcommands: commands: list the application's commands help: display a command's help screen changelog: generate a changelog last: print last version list: print all versions next: print next version tag: create a new version tag =head1 EXAMPLES The git repository has at least one base version: $ git tag v3.8.0 v3.8.1 Display available versions: $ git tag-version list 3.8.1 3.8.0 Display the last version tagged: $ git tag-version last 3.8.1 Display the next version: $ git tag-version next 3.8.2 Tag the next version and push it: $ git tag-version tag -p tagged v3.8.2 =head1 COMMANDS All commands accept the following options: -f --fetch fetch remote refs first -r --repo path to git repository -h -? --usage --help Prints this usage information. =head2 changelog Generate a changelog from git logs. A style for the changelog could be set with: -s --style format of changelog Supported styles are: simple(default), rpm, markdown =head2 last Show the last tagged version. =head2 list List all tagged versions. =head2 next Show next version. =head2 tag Tag next version. Options: -p --push push new created tag to remote -m --major do a (more) major release --minor add a new minor version level =cut package main; use strict; use warnings; # VERSION use Git::TagVersion::Cmd; Git::TagVersion::Cmd->run;
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