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Netatmo script for telegraf

This repository contains a script and a docker image for retrieving data of a netatmo weather station for use with telegraf.

The image is based on the telegraf image and adds a script for retrieving data on top. But you may also use the script standalone.

First obtain API keys from the Netatmo developmer website:

This keys (client_id, client_secret) must be passed together with your user credentials via environment variables.


The script requires ruby 2.0 or newer.

Example Data

Here is an example what data is read from the station (with one outdoor sensor):

$ ruby ./netatmo  | json_pp
   "station" : {
      "indoor" : {
         "Noise" : 40,
         "Humidity" : 70,
         "Temperature" : 18.7,
         "CO2" : 615,
         "AbsolutePressure" : 982.3,
         "Pressure" : 1017.6,
         "AbsoluteHumidity" : 11.2
      "outdoor" : {
         "Temperature" : 12.8,
         "Humidity" : 98,
         "AbsoluteHumidity" : 10.97

The AbsoluteHumidity values are calculated by the script.

Environment variables

The script reads credentials from the environment:

  • NETATMO_CLIENT_ID (client_id of your Netatmo App)
  • NETATMO_CLIENT_SECRET (client_secret of your Netatmo App)
  • NETATMO_USERNAME (Your Netatmo username)
  • NETATMO_DEVICE_ID (MAC address of your netatmo station)

Set this environment variables before starting the netatmo script.

If you're using the Docker image pass them with docker run and the -e option:

docker run \
  -e 'NETATMO_CLIENT_ID=<hex-value>'
  -e 'NETATMO_CLIENT_SECRET=<hex-value>'
  -e 'NETATMO_USERNAME=<email>
  -e 'NETATMO_PASSWORD=<secret>'
  -e 'NETATMO_DEVICE_ID=<station MAC>'


You need to configure a exec input in your telegraf.conf:

  urls = ["http://influxdb:8086"]
  database = "telegraf"

  commands = ["/usr/local/bin/netatmo"]
  interval = "10m"
  timeout = "15s"
  data_format = "json"
  name_suffix = "_netatmo"

Run as docker container

Now run the container with credentials and configuration:

docker run
  --name telegraf \
  -e 'NETATMO_CLIENT_ID=<hex-value>'
  -e 'NETATMO_CLIENT_SECRET=<hex-value>'
  -e 'NETATMO_USERNAME=<email>
  -e 'NETATMO_PASSWORD=<secret>'
  -e 'NETATMO_DEVICE_ID=<station MAC>'
  -v /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf:/etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf:ro \
  --link influxdb \