Restart a server after each change in main script and dependencies
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Tired of restarting a script every time you modify it or its dependencies? Drop a DJ in da place!

> node d.js myNodeServer.js
DJs: "Party time!" Press [enter] anytime to restart
	24 May 18:50:07 - Server listening on port 8000

Now modify myNodeServer.js or any of the require()d files and hit Ctrl-S.

DJs: playlist updated
6 May 11:29:22 - Server listening on port 8000

If your main script is named app.js you can use the short syntax:

	> node d.js

How it Works/Limitations

DJs recursively parses your scripts to find require()d files, looking for lines such as

var CSV = require(./csv);

It adds them to its playlist and watch all of these files for changes, using the fs.watchFile function. It is currently unable to watch dynamically loaded dependencies:

var dep = './csv';

In the above case, changes occuring on 'csv.js' will not cause your script to restart.


DJs can run a test file for you after every modifications:

> node d.js app.js --test test.js

If your test file is test.js or test/test.js you can use the short syntax:

> node d.js app.js -t

DJs can now be effectively used as an equivalent to watchr for nodejs!

Package manager compatibility

DJs intend to be compatible with the mains node packages managers, one way or another.