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Source of this data:
'Find a school' and save response to GetSchoolsMap request.
import json, csv, sys
with open('schools-list.json', 'rt') as f_in:
data_0 = json.load(f_in)
raw_schools = json.loads(data_0['d'])
def float_or_zero(s):
return float(s)
return 0.0
col_descrs = [(str, 'Address1'),
(str, 'Address2'),
(str, 'Address3'),
(str, 'Address4'),
(str, 'County'),
(str.strip, 'Email'),
(int, 'Enrol_female'),
(int, 'Enrol_male'),
(int, 'Enrol_total'),
(str, 'Ethos'),
(str, 'Gender'),
(int, 'ID'),
(str, 'Lang'),
(float_or_zero, 'Lat'),
(float_or_zero, 'Long'),
(str, 'Name'),
(str, 'Phone'),
(str, 'Principal'),
(str, 'RollNumber'),
(str, 'Website')]
def school_as_tuple(s):
return tuple([f(s[c]) for f, c in col_descrs])
schools = [school_as_tuple(s) for s in raw_schools]
wr = csv.writer(sys.stdout, quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)
wr.writerow(tuple(d[1] for d in col_descrs))
python >| schools.csv